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ONE Fi is an upgraded solution that lets you allocate bandwidth to each device, manage parental controls solutions, and benefit from the in-built Next-Generation Firewall.

Empower: Empower your household through harnessing control of how your existing bandwidth is best optimized to your priorities. You can also aggregate your broadband and mobile connections to have higher internet capacities

Protect: Protect your family through the cloud, cutting edge, cybersecurity technology against cyber attacks and hackers while you are at home.

Balance: Balance the time of your children between online fun, healthy movement, human interaction, meal times, and sleep, by having detailed control and scheduling capabilities for what each device in your household can do at any specific time.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Sign-up on the website
  2. Click “Subscribe Now”
  3. Select your choice of Monthly or Yearly Plans
  4. Proceed with the subscription process and the online payment
  5. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription
  6. Use the configuration tool link from the subscription confirmation email to sign up with your email
  7. You will also receive a second email including the electronic invoice
With ONE Fi, you can connect up to 50 devices.

You may contact us through email at info@sohob.tech or live chat on the Site, or by calling our call center at 800SOHOB (UAE).

ONE Fi pre-lease edition is a fully functional solution.

We are calling it a pre-release because the configuration part of the solution is still basic at the current stage.

The configuration tool will only be used for the 1st setup and whenever you need to update anything on the system configuration, so it will not be affecting your daily use or the benefits expected from our offering.

We are executing an interesting plan to enhance the configuration tool and provide you with a more sophisticated one giving you more control over the solution with the best user experience ever!

The official release will provide a new user interface, an enhanced set of features related to management, security & analytics.

PRE ONE Fi will give our early adopters the opportunity to enjoy all product capabilities ahead of the rest of the market and at a fraction of the price as well as financing options. 

Our support team will be with you throughout the whole journey, they will configure the device, install it for you, apply your policies, educate you about your device and how to use it & it will be fully functional.

No, as ONE Fi doesn’t offer an internet connection but just enhances your experience with various innovative tools. 

You can manage the access of different applications and websites through a configuration tool.

The solution is pre-loaded with hundreds of default applications’ names (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) that you can directly manage through the configuration tool.

In addition, you can always add any application that you don’t find on the default list and manage it the same way.

If the you wish to cancel the contract, you are required to email info@sohob.tech within 14 calendar days from receiving the order and with no questions asked.

Our acceptance of your order will take place when we notify you of our acceptance in writing (for example: by email or mobile messaging).

Creating an account on the website will help you track your order and payment cycles as well as implement any changes such as order cancellation, change in payment cycle etc.

We accept credit and debit card payments.

Yes. There are no limitations on users used devices

  1. You can manage the access of different applications and websites through a configuration tool
  2. On the subscription confirmation email, there will be a link to sign up with your email
  3. Select “Add New,” and choose the device/devices that you would like to manage
  4. the next step is to select the application(s) and devices for which you want to control access
  5. You can choose from a list of the most commonly used applications. You can also add custom applications if yours is not already on the list.
  6. The next step is to select the type of connection and speed limit access for the applications from each device.

Please call 04-5571611. We are available 7 days a week.

You don’t need to worry about ONE Fi updates. Our solutions and devices update automatically.

Once you place your order on the ONE Fi website, you will receive a confirmation email for your subscription and a second email with an electronic invoice.

The shipments take 3-5 days. For returns, please call 04-5571611.

1. Log in to the ONE Fi website with your credentials
2. Access your profile and the“Manage Your Profile”option

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